Dawn of the Fossil Fuel Age is a watercolor painting of Gasworks Park by Suze Woolf

Painting Details

Watercolor on 140 lb Arches archival paper
15 x 22 unframed
$400 unframed
Seattle's Gasworks Park is a former coal gasification plant active from 1906 to the 1950's, made obsolete by imports of natural gas. Their simple forms, complex structures and rusty, mossy surfaces are visually compelling.  In some ways they represent symbols of the infrastructure of our way of life. But are they aging monuments to our civilization? Will future generations wonder what we were thinking?
Pierre de Vries says: "There’s something really interesting going on with the gasworks series. The compositions are getting more complex, and there’s a looseness in the handling which is really fascinating; some passages are beginning to verge on abstraction. Great stuff."

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