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Burnscapes  My anxiety about climate change emerges in this series on burned-over forests. There is a strange beauty but destruction and heartbreak as well.

Landscapes  I spend a great deal of my time outdoors. There is no better way to appreciate what nature does for us than to paint it, and I carry my paints almost everywhere.
Artist Books  I've recently been making one-of-a-kind books from digital prints of my paintings - a natural extension for someone that tends to work in series.
twilight loading Industryscapes  I see industrial landscapes as massive forms with bits of 'decoration' -- railings, lights, walkways. They are the under-pinnings of our civilization. Sometimes I think of them as "unintentional monuments." Jake Seniuk described them for the Port Angeles Fine Art Center as portraying "the muscular geometry of the workaday harbor".
smsekiu The Numbers  A special case of industrycapes, I paint the numbers on telephone and utility poles while letting go of the literal background, creating a tension between the abstract and rendered.