Suze Woolf watercolor painting called Looking for a Response

Painting Details

Two layers of punched watercolor on paper, 1/2-inch thick plexiglass, laser-cut frosted drafting film, 3/16-inch non-glare plexiglass, stainless steel fasteners, mylar washers
20 x 50
Created for the Innovation Gallery at the Washington Global Health Alliance's Agency event after I was matched with Seattle Biomedical Research Institute. The piece was inspired by labware used to detect blood cell responses, as well as the "Big Data" computational effort of searching for that needle in the haystack. More info on the project at Seattle Biomed.

Each of the layers could be paintings all by themselves:

Bottom layer of Suze Woolf watercolor Looking for a Response
Bottom layer

Second layer of Suze Woolf watercolor painting Looking for a Response
Second, punched layer

Special thanks to Daniel Chaim Robbins for laser-cutting the drafting film. The red watercolor layer was punched by hand with a leather punch.