Corrugated cardboart installation, part of Tree Futures Wood chips part of Tree Futures installation Used work gloves portion of Tree Futures installation
Fire-scarring banner, part of Tree Futures installation Veneer and artificial lawn portion of Tree Futures installation Invasive species portion of Tree Futures installation















Installation Details

Corrugated cardboard, wood chips in biodegradable plastic bags, used work gloves, painted banner of fire-scarring, veneer and artificial lawn, and blackberry canes wrapped around a grove of cedar trees at approximately 7 feet elevation
Part of Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA)'s annual Heaven and Earth summer outdoor exhibit at Carkeek Park, Seattle. I wanted to address the transformation of trees to wood -- logged, burned, pulped, milled, out-competed by invasive species, and, occasionally, protected and cared for by humans, such as the volunteers in Carkeek Park.
I had extensive assistance, from the friends and colleagues who helped me install -- twice; the Revere Group that donated biodegradable bags; Pacific Topsoils who gave me clean cedar woodchips; JonC for complex veneer and carpentry; Seattle Tilth, Mountains to Sound Greenway, Manson Construction, Rafn Construction and many friends, family and artists who donated used work gloves. They came from as far away as Norway and as close as my own basement.
Extensive notes and photos on the installation, vandalism, and its re-installation are on my blog.