The Fire Last Time

The Fire Last Time is a Suze Woolf watercolor and pyrography painting

Painting Details

Watercolor and pyrography on 550 lb Arches archival paper
29.5 x 41
The third November day I was at my Banff Centre residency I went hiking on the Stanley Glacier Trail. It had been recommended for viewing the Vermillion Pass burn, one of the many huge fires that occured in western Canada in the summer of 2003. It was bitterly cold that day, I hiked in a down parka with my camera underneath for more than 2 hours before I was warm enough to shed it. I saw no one most of the day. And the daylight hours were very few!
In this picture I wanted to try combining traditional landscape painting with the pyrography drawing I'd been testing. The scorched edges of the foreground trees are beautiful up close, but alas, from a distance, you can't tell they're burned in and not paint. But you can tell how cold and desolate it was.